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A Taoist and Shamanic approach
Course of self discovery and expansion

Sunday Mar. 20th @ 10:00am to 5:30pm

Journey into the Soul's Character




(Emotional Intelligence & The Elements)

Certification Course 


This course is designed for those who want to learn emotional intelligence

and connect deeper to their soul’s character



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Emotional Consciousness of the Soul's Character 

Certification Course

Emotions are the voice of the soul; our connection to our inner knowing, and to our inner wisdom. It is through our emotions that some aspects of our character are formed.
Emotions link us to the origin of how we feel about ourselves, how we feel about others, our environment and about life itself.
Understanding the core of our own character is essential for evolution. In our quest for ultimate consciousness, we must not bypass emotional energy, we must tap in and identify the origin of our sensations and our Character.

Through the knowledge of the Elements, and the awareness of our lower egoic perception, we can transcend the reactive emotional system and become the best version of our Soul’s Character.
You will Learn:
  • to understand the importance of emotional intelligence
  • to discover your true soul character
  • to balance your energy and align with your authentic soul character
  • to understand your own believes and the perceptions of your life story
  • how your emotions affect your physical and mental health
  • what organs are connected to which emotions
  • to identify which element is strongest in your character
  • to identify which element, need to be strengthen
  • how to improve our overall health
  • how to experience transformation and divine wisdom 

If you feel aligned to join us for a day of Spiritual Expansion, contact us at [email protected]

Looking forward to a day of emotional intelligence and the discovery of your Soul’s Character.

Emotional Intelligence of the Soul's Character


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Upon Completion You Will...

✓ Be accredited a Certification from the Vital Ki Institute of Holistic Education
✓ Have a deeper understanding of the powerful tool of your Emotions and Soul's Character
✓ Have knowledge of an improved version of your character
✓ Show up confident and dynamic in your Emotional Intelligence
✓ Have exclusive access to our spiritual community 

Course Requirements:

  • Completed ALL lessons and activities, as well as complete the following:
  • Attain a passing grade on your final written test.

Emotional Intelligence of the Soul's Character


*taxes will be added at check-out

Want to succeed in managing your emotions and have an understanding of your Soul’s Character.

In this course you will learn a set of tools and aptitudes that you can help you deal with you emotions in a more practical and intelligent way

I wan to Register

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*No refunds 5 days prior to the start date of the course.