"To understand ENERGY, is to know how other's Energy affect us, and how our Energy is affecting others." A.T.

Inside this uniquely-designed Meditation Teacher Program, you’ll receive authentic and integral professional training to guide you into embodying the spiritual leader you’re meant to be!

You have the option to work from home or to attend in person classes or do both. 



  • You simple want to learn to Meditate effectively
  • You’re looking to amplify your meditation practice 
  • You’re seeking to step up as a spiritual teacher and leader
  • You desire to learn how to effectively share meditation with others
  • You want to level up your life spiritually 
  • You are looking to strengthen your inner self connection and attain more peace, serenity and  focus
  • You want to improve your self awareness and expand your consciousness 


Because this world needs more people practicing meditation!

Through this program, you’ll learn how to step into the role of a teacher

from a more connected and grounded place. 

So you can become a leader at the forefront of our culture’s spiritual revolution.

With these speciality trainings, you’ll discover how to develop

a direct link to pure Consciousness through meditation. 

Learn how to start a self-sustaining, confident and abundant 

meditation teaching practice.


Get the chance to explore multiple spiritual insights to
help deepen your personal practice—and bring depth 
to the practice you share with others!


We need more leaders stepping up and teaching others how to
connect with themselves!

Or you just want to learn the different types and techniques

of Meditation for your self development.  

We would love you to join us to help spread this amazing practice.


This Teacher Training will
empower you to be that light 

yourself and your community

if you wish.



Vital Ki Meditation Teacher Training

 is a certified and registered teacher training program.

It is more than informative program, it offers knowledge and wisdom.

It has ancient and modern techniques, and a fresh approach to meditation. 

Our program is designed for those who simply want to learn how to meditate deeply and effectively and for those who are inspired to share this invaluable practice with the world! 

By joining this Program, you’ll receive access to our authentic ancestral lineage teachings—opening you to discoveries and practices that ancient masters have passed down for thousands of years!


Offered both in-person and online, The Meditation Teacher Training

is a 100hrs program that’s taught in three phases.



Introduction to the Program, the science behind Meditation

History,  Philosophy and the impact on the on the brain

Lessons + Exercise Handbook 



Dive Deep Self Awareness, Meditation Techniques, 

Meditation Types & Strengthen your Personal Meditation Practice 

Lessons + Exercise Handbook 



Stepping into your Role as a Meditation Teacher,

using your Voice from a grounded place &

Building-Up Your Divine Meditation Practice

Lessons + Exercise Handbook 


Throughout this Program, You’ll Discover...

✓ The history of meditation

✓ Multiple meditation philosophies from the ancients

✓ The science behind meditation and the brain

✓ Types of meditation

✓ Self awareness tools and practices

✓ Various mantra techniques

✓ How to enhance and uplevel your personal Meditation Practice

✓How to access the higher states of Consciousness

✓ Ayurvedic concepts

✓ Vedic philosophy 

✓How to unlock and use your voice 

✓ Teaching fundamentals
(including how to lead
group meditations)

✓ How to market your Meditation Classes

 And more...

Online or in-person study

The Vital Ki Meditation Teaching Training is a flexible program open to anybody (worldwide!) with the desire to elevate their practice and teach others to do the same.

The Online Study Breakdown:

  • 30 hours of Lessons
  • 50 hours Personal Study & Exercises 
  • 10 Personal Practice Meditations 
  • 10 Homework Meditations 

    100hrs Total 


The In-Class Study Breakdown:

  • 45 hours in Class: Lessons + Practice Meditations 
  • 45 hours home-study & exercises (3-4hrs/week)
  • 10 Homework Practice Meditations 

100hrs Total 


*In-Class Summer Program: 

3-Full Weekends

Saturday: 10am to 5pm & Sunday: 10am to 5pm

PHASE ONE: June 19th & 20th
PHASE TWO: July 17th & 18th
PHASE THREE: August 21st & 22nd 

Meditation Teacher Graduation Requirements:

In order to graduate and receive your certification for the program,
you must complete ALL lessons and activities,
as well as complete the following...

Daily Meditation Practice

Comprehensive daily meditation practice is required during
the full duration of the program.


Practicum Teaching Assessment

Design and present a full 20-minute meditation class.


Written Evaluation

Attain a passing grade on your final written test.


Upon Completion You Will...

  • ✓ Be an accredited and certified Meditation Teacher from the Vital Ki Institute of Holistic Education
  • ✓ Have a deeper understanding of meditative philosophy, study, 
    and various meditation and breathing techniques
  • ✓ Have an improved personal meditation practice—both personally and professionally
  • ✓ Show up as a confident and dynamic Meditation Teacher—able to conduct 
    guided meditations, to large or small groups
  •  ✓ Assess student and environmental energy 
    to adapt the practice to the place and group
  • ✓ Know how to self identify sources of discomfort and symptoms of stress—
    and how to use your new skills to alleviate them
  • ✓ Know how to skillfully organize, teach, and market your classes
  • ✓ Have exclusive access to a spiritual community of fellow Meditation Teachers AND get first access to Meditation Teacher Upgrade Programs
  • And more...

100hrs of Expert-Level Training


Summer Program: 3-Full Weekends

Saturday: 10am to 5pm & Sunday: 10am to 5pm

PHASE ONE: June 19th & 20th
PHASE TWO: July 17th & 18th
PHASE THREE: August 21st & 22nd 


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Starts when you are ready!


CAD + tax

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Learn from anywhere in the world!

Online Training start when you are ready!

$999 USD 


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Meditation is a direct link to Consciousness

and a good Meditation Instructor,

is an effective Meditator first!!

Angie Tobón


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