This unique Chakra Certification Course

has been designed as a complete guide

to your 7 main centers of energy.


This is truly the basics for Personal Development and Empowerment.  

You have the option to work from home or to attend in person classes or do both. 

This course is for you if you...

  • Are looking for Personal Development and the understanding of your energy system

  • Want to knowledge of the 7 main chakras in the body

  • Want to learn where in your energy system you are blocked or are losing energy

  • Want to heal and balance all aspect of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies

  • Want to learn about the functions, elements, and purposes of each Chakra

  • Want to use your Chakra Healing knowledge to heal yourself and others

Why Learn About your Energy System


Because in order to evolve to higher realms of reality,

you need to know how you are carrying your energy.

Because through this program, you’ll learn to take responsibility for your own energy from a more connected and grounded place.

To learn how to identify each Chakra and apply wisdom to cultivate a more enlighten Energy System. 

To be self-sustaining and with confident live an abundant, positive and balance life. 

Get the chance to explore multiple spiritual insights with each energy center, to deepen your personal spiritual growth. 

We would love for you to join us to help yourself grow and spread the knowledge of the Chakras.


This Chakra Certification Course will

empower you to live the best life possible!






Vital Ki Chakara Course is a certified program offering an

informative and guided approach to your Energy System. 

Our program is designed for those who want to dive deep

into their inner-selves and learn to manage their Energy wisely! 

By joining this Chakra Course, you’ll receive access

to our many years of guidance and teachings opening

you to discovery the mystery of your inner being!


This Course is offered both in-person and online

The Chakra Course is a 7-Class Course.

Lessons,  Exercise Handbook & Guided Meditations


Welcome to The Chakra Certification Course.

These first series of classes have been designed to help you learn

and develop the awareness of your own Energetic System.


Learn to awaken the true you, as you evolve, you will lean to silence

your mind and find peace and happiness within.


Chakra, first Teachings of the Energy system are suitable for all.


Fundamental of every Class:

We will be focusing on:


Releasing stress and bad energy

Clearing Aura energy around us and our space

Stretching and relaxation of the body

Sharing Source Energy & Creating our own Energy

Breathing exercises technique

Connection to the Universe, Divine Light, God

Grounding ourselves with Earth’s energy

Protection, alignment of the spine

Clearing our chakras

Gate opening to our inner journey  


Throughout this Program, You’ll Discover...

  • Introduction of our Energy Fields, Meeting our higher self
  • Clearing and Balancing Base or Root Chakra (Your Origen)
  • Clearing and Balancing Sacral Chakra
  • Clearing and Balancing Solar plexus
  • Clearing and Balancing Heart Chakra
  • Clearing and Balancing Throat Chakra
  • Clearing and Balancing Third eye Chakra
  • Clearing and Balancing Crown Chakra

7 Classes addressing each energy field.

Online or in-person study!

The Vital Ki Chakra Certification Course is a flexible program open to anybody (worldwide!) with the desire to elevate their consciousness and evolve

The Online Study Breakdown:

  • 7-Lessons + Meditations
  • Personal Study & Exercises 


The In-Person Study Breakdown:


In-Person Dates to be Determined: 



Chakra Course Certification 


In order to receive your Chakra Certification for the Course,
you must complete ALL lessons and activities,
plus the written Evaluation


Written Evaluation

Attain a passing grade on your final written test.


Upon Completion You Will...

  • Be an accredited and certified as having completed the
  • First Teachings of The Chakras from the
  • Vital Ki Institute of Holistic Education
  • ✓ Have a deeper understanding of your energy system
  • ✓ Know how to self identify sources of discomfort and
  • symptoms of stress— in all Fields of your basic energy system.

 $245 (plus HST) CAD



$185 CAD (plus HST) 


$150USD International Students funds

processed in USD)


Learn from anywhere in the world!

Online & In-Person Certification Program.



“Chakras are mystical energy centers that exist within the human aura. Tremendous occult power resides in a person's chakras. Siddha masters draw upon that power during meditation, store it within themselves, and later use it to perform miracles.”     

Frederick Lenz


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